From January 2010 to January 2011, I wrote an editorial column for, taking a critical look at sustainability and green building design.

Interestingly enough, after I stopped writing for JustMeans, they opted to keep my content on their site, but remove my name from all of my posts. JustMeans -- can you do that?

Links to Select Posts:

Towards a More Sophisticated Definition of Greenwash
McDonald's is Greener than Whole Foods? (A second look at) Newsweek's 100 Greenest Companies
Biodiesel Catching on with Brazilian Underclass
New Cell Phone App Determines Eyeglass Prescription Data
Sustainable Development and the Population Debate
Walmart takes on Cape Wind. What happened to the Triple Bottom Line?
Sustainable Development in Masdar: A Zero-Carbon City?
The Cape Wind Controversy: Counter-opposition
The Cape Wind Controversy
The First Offshore Wind Farm in the U.S.
Walmart's Unsustainable Business Practices Lead to Class Action Lawsuit
The Cricket Trailer: Space-Age Design, with a Down-to-Earth Philosophy
The Walmart Sustainability Index
MIT Students Design for a Sustainable Future in Cambodia
Miss America Goes Green-ish
Fall Fashion Trend: Zero-Waste?
The VW "dung" Beetle Runs on Human Sh*t
MENDing the World with ArtScience
Underwater Sculpture: A Remedy for Coral Reef Destruction?
Looking Green vs. Being Green: Lawn Painting and the American Housing Crisis
The Fuzzy Math of Embodied Energy
At the Center for Creative Ecology, Mud Building is Green Building
An Environmental Controversy in the Making
The Politics of Water in the Fertile Crescent, Part 2: The Red-Dead Project
The Politics of Water in the Fertile Crescent, Part 1: The Problems
Water Access in the Middle East: Desalination and Sustainable Development
Development Work is Not Sustainable
The "Subversive Science" of Sustainability
What is Sustainable Art?
The Future of Sustainable Development, according to "America's Best Young Entrepreneurs"
The Battle to Ban Bottled Water
The Jevons Paradox Debate
Sustainable Development with Portable Light
Konbit: Sustainable Development for Haiti, MIT Style
Building Green Doesn't Have to Cost More
Building Greener with WegoWise
William J Mitchell, Sustainable Design Pioneer, dies at 65
Sustainable Development, Globalization, and the Cape Town Stadium
TRUTH cafe: A Memorial for Forgetting
Sustainable Development and Human Remains
Sustainable Development for the World Cup: More than Skin Deep
The Environmental Ethics of Rock Climbing
How to make Rock Climbing a little bit Greener
Utilitarian Sustainable Development
Biomimicry's neglected step-child: Geo-Mimicry
What is the only thing better than real trees? Fake Trees!
Green Building and a Critique of Biomimicry, part 2
Green Building and a Critique of Biomimicry, part 1
Dennis Dollens: growing ideas for green building
Biomimicry in Action: Termites Inspire a Green Building
A veritable spectrum of green building
Sustainable Design: inspired by nature and made out of...plastic?
If you don't already know about the Plastiki, you should read this
Green Building, Old School: Scandinavian Sod
On second thought, why your Green Building might NOT need a Green Roof
Why your Green Building needs a Green Roof
Green Building with Green Roofs
Reasons to be Anti-Wind-Power
Does Wind Power Pose a Health Risk?
Mozambique's Low Carbon Building Technologies
Sustainable Development...poetry?
Writing about sustainable development: An impassioned informal book review
Sandbag Construction: An Innovative Option for Public Housing?
Sustainable Design, the role of the architect, and a Question of Ethics
Does Sustainable Development demand a new definition of Value?
District Six: A Case Study in Unsustainable Development
Penguins: Friend or Foe?
Conservation Efforts in Cape Town
Africa vs. the Green Building Industry
How green is polystyrene?
How to pay for you green building retrofit
The magic of composting toilets
Passivhaus comes to the U.S.
Home made pv panels
The low-tech, high-tech debate
Green building (ac)countability?
Nerding out over insulation at BuildingEnergy10
Blu is the new Green
The Green Prefab Myth?
Greenwashing on the high seas: WHY?
Is there more to sustainability than just surviving?
When living “sustainably” isn’t sustainable
Can you buy sustainability?
The greenest city in the U.S.?
Somerville’s “Green Business of the Year”
What makes a business a green leader?
Somerville’s “Environmental Strategic Plan”
Hope for the jobless?
Antarctic Tourism: Eco-friendly?
The Best Environmental Activism Story I’ve Ever Heard
China’s Antarctic Intentions, pt. 2
China’s Antarctic Intentions, pt. 1
The Mining Ban in Antarctica
Antarctica [Background info]
Why Architects Hate Sustainable Development
The final introduction
Architecture in Extreme Environments
Coping with the loss of a former way of life