Rejecting the standard method of budgeting architectural interventions, SuperNeutral operates in the alternative currency system of carbon emissions credits.

SuperNeutral outlines a strategy that can help everyone to reduce their carbon footprint. Sponsors, motivated by a desire to offset their carbon debt, can 'buy' carbon offset emission credits by funding small scale architectural projects that act as carbon sinks. These projects are installed in 'micro-sites' -- odd-lots and left-over spaces previously considered too small to be of any value -- and encompass a range of interventions including landscaping and plantings, the installation of photovoltaic panels and 'green' retrofits such as the redesign of building envelopes for increased heating efficiency [see following images].

SuperNeutral was published in Volume 14: Unsolicited Architecture and exhibited at the Canadian Center for Architecture and the Graham Foundation for Advances Studies in the Fine Arts as part of Actions: What you can do with the city [November 26, 2008 - April 19, 2009].

Below image:
With a logo made of grass seeds, the SuperNeutral business card [made from embossed recycled paper] can be planted, watered, and grown to offset 10^-24 tons of CO2.

Collaboration with Shirley Shen and John Snavely

Business card showing the  logo made of grass seeds.